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Asian Birthdays!
We love them. =D
4th-Aug-2009 11:56 pm
Happy birthday to Sunmin, a Korean singer who turns 22 today!!

Sunmin was born and raised in Korea, but she speaks both Korean and Japanese. After seeing an enchanting performance by Christina Aguilera, she decided to become a singer. She took vocal lessons and soon sent her first demo tape out. In 2006, she managed to attract the attention of Good Entertainment, which features famous Korean artists like Shinhwa and Lyn.

However, Sunmin is most active in Japan. In fact, she has only released one Korean single, which was a duet with Shin Hye Sung. She is signed to Japan's famous label Victor Entertainment, and began her musical career in Japan in 2006. She released her first single Keep Holding U in July as a collaboration with Kubota. (This was the single that was released in Korea as a duet with Shin Hye Sung.) Since, she has released 5 singles, a mini-album, and an album.

Her latest single is entitled Will, and is contained in her first album, Brand New Girl, which was released in December 2008. It is a really lovely song. Sunmin's vocals are really spectacular, although she sounds as if she strains on some of the higher notes. This song is a powerful and emotional ballad with some really, really great vocals. Superb! (Download?)
5th-Aug-2009 05:58 pm (UTC)
Happy b-day to her!
6th-Aug-2009 06:35 am (UTC)
ahhh, I think I now have to check her out :P
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