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Asian Birthdays!
We love them. =D
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You have arrived at the Livejournal community asianbirthdays!

Our Mission:
To share Asian music with everyone!

What we do:
  • Keep a list of birthdays of Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Thai music artists, including members of bands, groups, and duos, as well as solo artists.
  • Celebrate each birthday by posting something in their honor.
  • Many times several songs or even a video will be uploaded, so keep coming back!

    Please note! I don't have a list of all artist birthdays so don't expect me to post for every single birthday every single day. I'm one person, specifically one college student, so don't expect me to get to all of them! I do have a life out of fandom. Shocking! I know!

    What YOU can do:
  • Post for an artist's birthday! (See rules below.)
  • Request reuploads of songs.
  • Suggest artists so include on the birthday calendar
  • Share/correct information with ayaownsyou
  • Share images with ayaownsyou, who will either update hers or add them to her posts, with due credit
  • Share music with ayaownsyou, who will appreciate it very much and post it if she likes it
  • Request an affiliation. Just comment somewhere with a link and a button if you please, and I will link you!

    What you MUST do:
  • Not flame, curse, or spam
  • Be courteous
  • Thank ayaownsyou for her time

    Rules for Posting:
    1. Include the celebrity's name, what they do (singing, acting, modeling, etc), and their age, if available.
    2. Don't upload full albums or discographies, please.
    3. Make use of tags. They're there for a reason =]
    4. Posts can take any form! Doesn't matter what it is, so long as you abide by the other rules.
    5. Use cuts for big posts.

    asianbirthdays does not own any of the material presented within and all videos, music, and pictures are property of their respective owners. All mp3s should be deleted within 24-48 hours of downloading. Support the artists by purchasing their singles, albums, DVDs, and merchandise at Yesasia, CD Japan, or Amazon.

    This community is a subdivision of the MP3 rotation run by ayaownsyou, entitled Much Love. For more music uploads, video uploads, a weekly artist profile, and the artist birthday calendar, please visit the main site. MP3 requests are available.

    Now go enjoy!!

    ayaownsyou's List of August Birthdays
    1 – Yue (AILE)
    1 – Tiffany (SNSD) turns 20
    2 – Park Jung Ah (After School) turns 26
    2 – Shinichi Katou (Fuji Fabric) turns 29
    3 – Nobuo Oki (Acidman) turns 32
    3 – Yurina Kumai (Berryz Kobo) turns 16
    3 – Kim Hyung Joon (SS501) turns 22
    3 – Kang Min Kyung (Davichi) turns 26
    4 – Jung Jae Won (Nell) turns 29
    4 – Rieko Itou (Round Table) turns 37
    4 – SunMin turns 22
    5 – Yui Kawamura (Idoling!!!) turns 20
    5 – Kou Shibasaki turns 28
    5 – Jimmy Hung (Tension) turns 34
    5 – Yutaka Yasuoka (Gospellers) turns 34
    5 – Claire Guo turns 29
    6 – Kasumi (176BIZ)
    6 – Blaise Plant (Monkey Majik) turns 33
    6 – Yuki Kajiura turns 44
    6 – Andy Lee (Tension) turns 31
    7 – Hai Ming (AST’1) turns 22
    7 – Vanness Wu (F4, Kangta & Vanness) turns 31
    8 – Faye Wong turns 40
    8 – Yu~ki (ex-Malice Mizer)
    8 – Kaori Iida (ex-Morning Musume) turns 28
    9 – Tsuyoshi (AILE)
    9 – A-mei Chang turns 37
    9 – Sayaka Kato (ex-Idoling!!!) turns 24
    10 – Natsumi Abe (ex-Morning Musume) turns 28
    10 – Hideo Masu (Bump of Chicken) turns 30
    10 – Yuto Nakajima (Hey! Say! JUMP) turns 16
    10 – Haruna (Scandal) turns 21
    10 – WISE (Teriyaki Boyz) turns 30
    11 – Yida Huang turns 29
    11 – Bekah (After School) turns 20
    12 – Yura (Kra) turns 29
    12 – Sun Ye (Wonder Girls) turns 20
    12 – J (Luna Sea) turns 39
    14 – Maia Kobayashi (ex-Idoling!!!) turns 21
    16 – Junichiro Sato (the pillows) turns 45
    16 – Jeong Jun Il (Mate) turns 26
    17 – Uhm Jung Hwa turns 38
    18 – G-Dragon (Big Bang) turns 21
    18 – Jun Jin (Shinhwa) turns 29
    18 – Masahiro Nakai (SMAP) turns 37
    19 – Sammi Cheng turns 37
    19 – Takahiro Yamada (AKG) turns 32
    19 – Toll Yagami (Buck-Tick) turns 47
    19 – YoYo (SOFFet) turns 29
    21 – Arai Akino turns 50
    21 – Giru (Vidoll)
    21 – Kibum (SuJu) turns 22
    21 – Lio (Battle) turns 22
    21 – Song Seunghyun (F.T Island) turns 17
    21 – Verbal (m-flo, Teriyaki Boyz) turns 34
    21 – Tatsuro (MUCC) turns 30
    21 – Rina (Scandal) turns 18
    23 – Akira (EXILE) turns 28
    24 – Daichi Miura turns 27
    24 – Akehito (Ayabie)
    24 – Elva Hsiao turns 30
    24 – Jiro Wang (Fahrenheit) turns 28
    25 – Miyabi Natsuyaki (Berryz Kobo, buono!) turns 17
    25 – Akiya (Kagrra) turns 29
    25 – Lee Gyo Won (Biuret) turns 25
    26 – Keisuke Nakagawa (Mr. Children) turns 40
    27 – Faye (F.I.R) turns 28
    27 – Hotaka Yamashita (Ikimono Gakari) turns 27
    28 – Micro (Def Tech) turns 29
    28 – Suga Shikao turns 43
    28 – Jokwon (2AM) turns 20
    29 – Yuuki (An Café) 23
    29 – Asagi (D) 35
    30 – Jun Matsumoto (Arashi) 26
    30 – Naoto (EXILE) 26
    30 – JYONGRI 21
    30 – Joe Inoue 24
    31 – tax (Monkey Majik) 34
    31 – Take (FLOW) 31

    This list is not complete. Members are welcome to post for any famous Asian's birthday, whether on the list or not.


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    Voiceless ScreamingLife in MonoDecay

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  • 7th-Jul-2009 09:52 pm - MISIA

    Happy birthday to MISIA, a Japanese singer who turns 31 today!!

    MISIA is one of my favorite Japanese singers. She's said to have a five octave voice, which, if you think about it is really impressive. Her voice is strong and powerful, and full of feeling. I love it!

    MISIA comes from a music family; her parents studied vocal music and her older brother and sister helped her learn piano at the age of four. She started singing in a chorus when she was nine, and won a singing contest shortly afterwards. She also attended a musical academy during high school.

    She achieved her musical debut in 1998 after she auditioned for and was accepted to BMG Japan. Immediately her debut single achieved considerable commercial success, ranking #11 on the Oricon Charts, and at the end of the year she achieved two notable awards at the Japan Golden Disk Awards.

    Interestingly enough, MISIA has never appeared on a musical variety show, although her popularity continued to climb years after her debut. She became the first female artist to perform in all five major domes of Japan. She has an impressive 8 albums in her repertoire, in addition to 1 mini-album, 1 live album, 4 remix albums, and 3 compilation albums, as well as 24 singles. All 24 singles made it to the top 10 on the Oricon Charts.

    Her most recent release is Ginga / Itsumademo (which is available for download at
    oriconcharts, and she is expecting to release her 9th album sometime in 2009.

    "Everything" is probably MISIA's most popular and well-known single. It's the only one that achieved a top 20 spot on the yearly charts, and one of only 2 singles that achieved the #1 spot on both the Daily and Weekly Oricon Charts. It's a really beautiful ballad, with spectacular vocals. Check it out! (Download?)

    Music VideoCollapse )

    5th-Jul-2009 04:27 pm - Youjeen, of Cherry Filter

    Happy birthday to Youjeen, vocalist of the Korean pop rock group Cherry Filter, who turns 21 today!!

    Youjeen also had a mildly successful solo career in Japan, releasing 5 singles and two albums under the guidance of Luna Sea's J.

    Personally I don't particularly enjoy Youjeen's solo music because it's very screamy and obnoxious. I enjoy most Cherry Filter's music, which is usually punky but not obnoxious, and pretty cheerful. Youjeen's voice is very unique and quite nasal, so normally I wouldn't like such vocals, but I've come to enjoy Cherry Filter music, generally.

    Since Cherry Filter hasn't released anything since their digital single Orange last August, I thought I'd upload an older song. "Orinalda" is from their third album, The Third Eye and is a punky, poppy, fun song. And the music video is really cheerful and energetic! Definitely a great listen.

    "Fake", on the other hand, is one of Youjeen's Japanese solo songs. It's punky, but with more angst. There's none of energy and excitement from Cherry Filter's music. It's not a bad song but not a song I would pick as a favorite.

    Download Orinalda and Fake?

    How do you guys feel about Youjeen's solo works? I think it's pretty awesome that she was produced by Luna Sea's J. She must have garnered enough good attention to be produced by him. But I don't really like her solo works. =/ They're just, obnoxious, like I said before, and very different from Cherry Filter. She also put Cherry filter on hiatus for 2 years for her solo releases in 2000 and 2001, just after the band's first release. Interesting. I find it so anyway. lol.

    Orinalda's music videoCollapse )
    Fake's music videoCollapse )

    4th-Jul-2009 12:16 am - New Birthdays!
    Just for your reference I've added the following birthdays to the July calendar:


    1 – Keigo (FLOW) turns 32

    3 – Maasa Sudo (Berryz Kobo) turns 17

    4 – Yuri Nakamura (Garnet Crow) turns 32

    4 – Jin Akanishi (KAT-TUN) turns 25
    4 – Takahisa Masuda (NEWS) turns 23

    5 – Akihide (BREAKERZ)
    6 – Gara (Merry)
    7 – MISIA turns 31

    8 – Sugizo (Luna Sea) turns 40

    10 – Hitomi Miyake (Idoling!!!) turns 17
    14 – Kenichi (Merry)

    15 – Yoshirnari Takuoka (Depapepe) turns 32

    17 – Shinsuke Kyoda (HY) turns 26

    17 – Ai Okawa (Idoling!!!) turns 16

    19 – Fujiki Naohito turns 37 

    22 – Tablo (Epik High) turns 29 

    22 – Nii (Girugamesh) turns 25

    22 – Kokia turns 33

    24 – you (Janne Da Arc) turns 35
    24 – hiroko (mihimaru GT) turns 25

    25 – alan turns 22 
    26 – Miya (MUCC) turns 30

    29 – Azuki Nana (Garnet Crow)
    31 – Mai Endo (Idoling!!!) turns 21

    Of course I certainly won't be doing all of these birthdays myself, especially because there are 19085682156091759 birthdays on July 4 (of all days, lol). So your help would be very much appreciated, yes?

    Also, this list is not yet comprehensive. Well, it never will be comprehensive...but I'm working on getting all of my favorite + the most popular/most famous groups and artists on the list, so don't yell at me! But you're welcome to suggest more birthdays. lol. (For the record, I got all the way through names starting with M on my iTunes library, and that doesn't include Kanji, hiragana, katankana, Chinese characters, and Hagul, which are all sitting at the end of the list. xD; )

    You might get future posts like this, or you might not. I gave myself a headache yesterday working on the computer for so long. xD; I think it still remains. x_x;


    3rd-Jul-2009 11:41 pm - Maasa Sudo, of Berryz Kobo
    Happy birthday to Maasa Sudo, who is a member of Hello! Project group Berryz Kobo! She turns 17 today!
    Well I'm not really a fan of Berryz Kobo (I'm not a fan of Hello! Project in general) but if I had to pick a favorite Hello! Project group it would probably be Berryz. They're just...less little girl annoying. xD; I'll try not to be a hater but I don't really like how their voices are all high and sound like music little kids produced. well half of them are under 16....lol. Well in any case I don't find any of them to be particularly talented and their music not that gripping, but sometimes I get sucked in. ._.;

    But! I'll stop talking now. What do you guys think of Berryz Kobo?

    Here's the PV for their latest single Seishun Bus Guide / Rival. I've never watched the PVs; I've only listed to the music. "Seishun Bus Guide"'s PV is not that interesting but the dance is cute. xD And I'm not going to lie. "Rival"s music video is a little too adorable for me to resist liking. x_x;


    Seishun Bus Guide / Rival is available for download at
    oriconcharts, if you'd like to get a hold of it. =] 

    PVs under the cutCollapse )
    2nd-Jul-2009 12:42 am - July Birthdays
     Hello members:

    Well, I have not yet decided the fate of the community yet. I posted a request for your advice and thoughts about 3 days ago and have gotten a total of 5 comments. I'm not going to gripe. I'll just wait another week or so to what others say. In any case I'm going to try some new things that might save me some time when I post. I expect to continue posting for the next month and a half, and I'll decide what to do with the community when I go back to school in the middle of August.

    Birthdays in July

    1 – Akeboshi turns 31

    1 – Leeteuk (SuJu) turns 26

    1 – Keigo (FLOW) turns 32

    3 – Maasa Sudo (Berryz Kobo) turns 17

    4 – Anson Hu turns 26

    4 – Gackt turns 36

    4 – Yuri Nakamura (Garnet Crow) turns 32

    4 – Jin Akanishi (KAT-TUN) turns 25

    5 – Yoojeen (Cherry Filter) turns 32

    5 – Shou (Alicenine) turns 28

    5 – Kanon (Antic Café) turns 25

    5 – Horan Chui (Clazziquai) turns 30

    5 – Akihide (BREAKERZ)

    6 – Oh Jin Hwan (1TYM) turns 31

    8 – Sugizo (Luna Sea) turns 40

    10 – Heechul (SuJu) turns 26

    10 – Hitomi Miyake (Idoling!!!) turns 17

    14 – Khalil Fong turns 26

    15 – mACAKz (High and Mighty Color) turns 25

    15 – Yoshirnari Takuoka (Depapepe) turns 32

    16 – Misaki Uno (AAA) turns 23

    17 – Shinsuke Kyoda (HY) turns 26

    17 – Ai Okawa (Idoling!!!) turns 16

    18 – Taemin (SHINee) turns 16

    19 – Fujiki Naohito turns 37 

    20 – Hiroki (D)

    22 – Masafumi Todoka (ART-SCHOOL) turns 27

    22 – Tablo (Epik High) turns 29 

    22 – Nii (Girugamesh) turns 25

    22 – Kokia turns 33

    23 – Wataru Miyawaki (12012) turns 29

    23 – Sun Yan Zi turns 31

    23 – Yuuichi Takada (Ellegarden) turns 33

    24 – Maiko Sakae (ZONE) turns 23

    24 – you (Janne Da Arc) turns 35

    25 – alan turns 22 

    29 – Azuki Nana (Garnet Crow)

    31 – Nao (Alicenine) turns 29

    31 – Zero (D’espairsRay) turns 29

    31 – Mai Endo (Idoling!!!) turns 21

    As always you are welcome to post for an artist's birthday, no matter who. The rules are posted on the front page so please read them before posting, kay? And since there are now so many artists on the list, I will not, of course, be doing them all. lol. So your help would be welcome!

    I am going to start asking for your thoughts on matters when I post for a birthday. For example, when I posted about Wonder Girls going to tour with the Jonas Brothers, I half hoped for a discussion to start up about it, but to no avail. =/ So I'm going to outwardly ask for opinions...lol. See if it will make any difference. So will you do me a favor and look out for them? 8D

    Also, I am planning to update the birthday list with ever more birthdays to make it more comprehensive. Just....so you know. lol. 


    29th-Jun-2009 11:21 pm - Announcement/Feedback Request
    Hello asianbirthdays members:

    I have an announcement to make. Recently I have been considering closing down asianbirthdays. At the very least, I am considering stopping my posts. Although I enjoy what I do here and I love sharing info with others, I don't feel as if what I'm doing is contributing at all to the English-speaking Asian music fan community. Additionally, the posts I make take a ridiculously long amount of time to prepare. And although I have repeatedly asked for feedback and comments, I get very little, which does not reinforce my waning desire to continue posting. Out of 414 members, I get one or two comments on a post, if any. (For those who have commented recently, I greatly appreciate it.)

    What do you think, members? Should I continue posting? Thoughts? Suggestions? Ideas for the community? I'd like to continue posting but at this rate, it doesn't seem worth it. Feedback would be appreciated! Your responses (or lack thereof) will determine my decision.

    25th-Jun-2009 03:04 pm - Rain
    Happy birthday to Rain, a Korean R&B singer who has also achieved considerable fame in the United States thanks to Time Magazine and Steven Colbert! He turns 27!!

    I don't have time for a full post again. So.........Happy birthday Rain! Check out his video thread at JpopAsia and see his awesomeness. =]

    It's also Hiroaki Sakai's birthday. He's a guitarist of the Japanese rock band 12012 and he also turns 27! Yaaay~

    25th-Jun-2009 12:06 am - Saga, of Alice Nine

    Happy (belated) birthday to Saga, bassist of the Japanese rock band Alice Nine, who turns 26 today!!

    Overview: Alice Nine, whose name was originally written as alice nine., is a five-member Japanese rock band composed of Shou on vocals, Hiroto and Tora on guitars, Saga on bass, and Nao on drums. The group made its indie label debut under PS Company in July 2004, then switched to the major label King Records shortly afterwards. Throughout their career, they have released 15 singles, 3 mini-albums, and 3 albums, and have had considerable success on the Oricon charts. Full Profile


    Latest News/Releases: The band’s newest release is their third album, Vandalize, which was promoted with the song “the beautiful name”. Their next release is slated for August, and is the single Hana, which will celebrate Alice Nine’s 5th year anniversary.

    Download: the beautiful nameCollapse )
    22nd-Jun-2009 03:29 pm - Husky, of Xing Opera
    Happy birthday to Husky (aka Woo Hyun Min), a member of the Korean rotational boyband Xing Opera, who turns 18 today!!


    Comments are loved, discussions are welcomed. =]

    21st-Jun-2009 11:59 pm - Ryeowook, of Super Junior
    Happy birthday to Ryeowook, a member of the Kpop boyband Super Junior, who turns 22 today!!

    Ryeowook is also a member of Super Junior-K.R.Y and Super Junior-M!

    Download: Neorago (It's You), Night Chicago DiedCollapse )
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