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Asian Birthdays!
We love them. =D
Miku, of Antic Cafe 
5th-Jan-2009 01:20 pm

Happy birthday to Miku, vocalist of the Jrock band Antic Cafe, who turns 25 today!!

An Café, sometimes known as Antic Café, is a Japanese oshare kei band that initially formed on the internet. In April 2003, vocalist Miku’s band disbanded, and, after discovering an advertisement on an internet message board, he met guitarist Bou and bassist Kanon. The three friends came together in May of that year and formed a 3-man band, performing without drums for several months.


During their 3-man career they performed an numerous venues and gained a few fans in the Japanese market. They also released two demo tapes, which were sold only at live performances. In August 2003, Teruki joined the group, finally adding drums to their music.


In the beginning of 2004 they got their musical break: they to LOOP ASH. On March 3rd they released their first single, Candy Holic, which went on to top the Oricon indie label charts. They had their first one-man show in May, where they distributed their single Hatsukoi for free. They spent the rest of 2004 touring and releasing singles, ending the year with a small one-man tour.


The year 2005 was kicked off with their first mini-album, Amedama Rock, in Feburary, followed by several singles. In November they released their first full length album, Shikisai Moment, revealing a more mature musical sound.


2006 sported the release of five more singles as well as their second album, Magnya Carta, which not only increased their popularity in Japan but also in other non-Japanese-speaking countries.


In April of 2007, guitarist Bou left the band, performing for that last time on April 30th. He was later replaced by Takuya, and Yuuki, a keyboardist, was also added to the group.


The group’s first single of 2007, Kakusei Heroism ~Hero without a Name~ was used the second opening theme for the anime Darker than Black, while their latest single, Ryuusei Rocket, is the opening theme to the drama Fuuma no Koujirou.


The group launched 2008 with the release of the single Cherry Saku Yuki!! in February, and in March their third studio album, Gokutama Rock Café, was released. An Café initiated a European tour that hit Finland, Sweden, Germany, France, the UK, and Spain. They also returned to Japan for a live tour, Summer Dive, on August 30, and tickets for the event had already been sold out in early July.


The band's latest single, Summer Dive, was sold exclusively at their summer tour. The band also released a mini-album in October, entitled Ko Akumi Usagi no Koibumi to Machine Gun, with its single, “My Heart Leaps for ‘C’”. As of November, the band made plans for a South American tour for March-April 2009, while a U.S. tour is still under discussion.


An Café is expected to released their 20th single, AROMA, in March of 2009.


Debut Date: March 2004




Vocals: Miku

Guitar: Takuya

Bass: Kanon

Drums: Teruki

Keyboards: Yuuki

Former Members:

Guitar: Bou (departed 2007)




06/21/2004 – Candy Holic

05/26/2004 – Hatuskoi

06/06/2004 – √69

09/16/2004 – Touhikairo

11/24/2004 – Cosmos

12/25/2004 – Tourai –café-

03/30/2005 – Karakuri Hitei

07/20/2005 – Tekesuta Kousen

08/24/2005 – Escapism

09/21/2005 – Merrymaking

03/01/2006 – 10s Collection March

05/19/2006 – BondS ~Kizuna~

09/20/2006 – Smile Ichiban Ii Onna

10/18/2006 – Snow Scene

11/29/2006 – Cosmos (2nd Press)

08/22/2007 – Kakusei Heroism ~A Hero without a Name~

11/07/2007 – Ryuusei Rocket

02/27/2008 – Cherry Saku Yuki!!

08/30/2008 – Summer Dive


02/23/2005 – Amedama Rock

10/29/2008 – Ko Akumi Usagi no Koibumi to Machine Gun


11/09/2005 – Shikisai Moment

11/29/2006 – Magnya Carta

04/09/2008 – Gokutama Rock Café


Chronological Discography

1st single: 06/21/2004 – Candy Holic

2nd single: 05/26/2004 – Hatuskoi

3rd single: 06/06/2004 – √69

4th single: 09/16/2004 – Touhikairo

5th single: 11/24/2004 – Cosmos

6th single: 12/25/2004 – Tourai –café-

1st mini-album: 02/23/2005 – Amedama Rock

7th single: 03/30/2005 – Karakuri Hitei

8th single: 07/20/2005 – Tekesuta Kousen

9th single: 08/24/2005 – Escapism

10th single: 09/21/2005 – Merrymaking

1st album: 11/09/2005 – Shikisai Moment

11th single: 03/01/2006 – 10s Collection March

12th single: 05/19/2006 – BondS ~Kizuna~

13th single: 09/20/2006 – Smile Ichiban Ii Onna

14th single: 10/18/2006 – Snow Scene

15th single: 11/29/2006 – Cosmos (2nd Press)

2nd album: 11/29/2006 – Magnya Carta

16th single: 08/22/2007 – Kakusei Heroism ~A Hero without a Name~

17th single: 11/07/2007 – Ryuusei Rocket

18th single: 02/27/2008 – Cherry Saku Yuki!!

3rd album: 04/09/2008 – Gokutama Rock Café

19th single: 08/30/2008 – Summer Dive

2nd mini-album: 10/29/2008 – Ko Akumi Usagi no Koibumi to Machine Gun


Credits: Wiki.theppn, JaME


I really like An Café! They’re so adorable~ They make me want to hug them. xD; Their fun, happy Oshare kei style is really enjoyable, and even if the vocalist is not the best singer in the world, the rest of the music makes up for it. If there’s anything I love, it’s silly Japanese boys, and this band certainly is that. xD;


Summer Dive

Miku is so adorable in this video. 8D I just wanna pinch his cheeks. xD; I’ve gotta admit that at first I wasn’t too partial to this song but I like the chorus. It’s so summery! Haha. And it’s so Antic Café. And the lyrics are cute too. =3 A delightful An Café song.

Lyrics + Translation | PV | Download



This is an upbeat song with really adorable lyrics! It makes it all the better for me. =3 It’s so cute~ And of course because it’s An Café that makes it even better. It’s probably not my favorite An Café song but it’s still nice and I remember liking it when I heard it by itself. And the PV is cute. It’s about Miku writing a love letter but he’s having trouble. So cute! xD

Lyrics + Translation | PV | Download

Please comment if you downloaded, or if you want to say something! I'm up for comment discussions. =D


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