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Asian Birthdays!
We love them. =D
5th-Nov-2008 11:58 pm


BoA, originally from Guri, South Korea, is a singer in both Japan and Korea. She was discovered at the age of eleven, when her brother auditioned at SM Enertainment, and made her debut two years later with her album ID Peace B in August, 2000. Due to the success of this album, and despite being such a young age and so early in her career, SM Entertainment was arranging her Japanese debut with Avex Trax at this time.


Her Japanese career launched in 2001 with the release of her first single, the Japanese version of the song ID Peace B. (During this time she took a short hiatus from her work in Korea.) Her subsequent releases experienced increasing popularity until the single Listen to My Heart, which hit #5 on the Oricon charts and launched her career into the spotlight.


Her first Japanese album, Listen to My Heart, released in March 2002 and hit the top of the charts. It remained on the charts for a record-breaking 92 weeks and made her one of the most successful Korean artists in Japan. In April she released her next Korean album, No. 1, which is her best-selling Korean album to date. Later in the year she became the youngest artist to receive the “Artist of the Year” award in South Korea.


BoA’s subsequent Japanese singles continued to hit the top of the charts, and in January of 2003 she released her second Japanese album, Valenti, which hit the #1 spot on the Oricon charts for 2 weeks and sold over 600,000 copies in the first week. Valenti is her best-selling album, selling over 2.65 million copies worldwide, and 1.26 million copies in Japan alone.


Ito capitalize on the success of this album BoA went on a live tour that sold out in 15 minutes in Nagoya and Osaka, and one day in Tokyo. In May she released her third Korean album, Atlantis Princess, which also hit the tops of the Korean charts.


In January she released her third Japanese album, which also hit the number one spot for 2 weeks in a row, though it did not sell as well as Valenti, and the live tour for the album was always filled to its seating capacity. BoA’s fourth Korean album, My Name, because a Korean hit and won her many awards, incluing the DaeSang award for best music video, for the song “My Name.”


BoA’s next Japanese album was a compilation entitled Best of Soul, released February 2, 2005, which was her second album to sell over one million copies in Japan. She is the only non-Japanese singer to achieve this. Her fifth Korean album, entitled Girls on Top, once again hit the #1 charts, in both Korea and China, and earned her the “Best Female Artist” at the m.net Music Festival at the end of 2005.


Her 15th Japanese single became her first single to hit #1 on the charts, and the first single from a non-Japanese singer in 21 years to do so. Her subsequent singles, however, did not experience as much success. In December she performed in the NHK Best Singers contest, one of the few non-Japanese artists to do so, and the first in a long time.


BoA’s fourth Japanese album, Outgrow, was released in February of 2006, and hit the #1 spot for the first week, her 4th album to do so. Her next tour, BoA THE LIVE, began in September 2006, and had twelve shows in 6 cities. During this time she was inactive in Korea. BoA performed her first Christmas concert in December 2006, performing her three Christmas ballads, “Winter Love”, “Last Christmas”, and “Meri Kuri”.


After the release of her fifth Japanese album, Made in Twenty (20), BoA went on another Japanese tour. Upon completion of the tour, she has said that she intended to return to Korea and work on her sixth Korean album. However, she remained in Japan and collaborated with Japanese artist SEAMO on his album with a track entitled “Hey Boy, Hey Girl,” which was released on October 31st.


She did return to Korea and became a part of an advertising campaign for Samsung in Korea, called “AnyBand,” along with Xiah Junsu (from DBSK), Tablo, and Jin Bora. Her contract with Avex Trax is scheduled to expire this year, but many expect BoA to renew it.


In addition to her careers in Korea and Japan, BoA’s CDs have also been released in Taiwan and China, allowing her to gain considerable attention all over Asia as well. She is also rumored to be preparing for a US debut in the near future.


In addition to her singing BoA has been offered several acting roles. In 2006 she was the voice for both the Japanese and Korean dub of the movie Over the Hedge. She was also offered to play the role in the popular Korean drama Goong, but refused it due to a busy schedule. She was rumored to appear in an upcoming movie with Jay Chou, but SM Entertainment later stated that she refused the role.


Following the release of Made in Twenty (20) BoA released a fairly continuous stream of singles, starting with Sweet Impact in April, followed by Love Letter in August, Lose Your Mind in December, and be with you. in February. All of these singles were included in her latest studio album, The Face, which was released 7 days after be with you. The Face ranked #1 on the Oricon charts and sold over 185,000 copies. This album makes BoA one of only two artists to top the Oricon charts six times in a row. The other is Ayumi Hamasaki, who has a record of 8.


BoA’s newest Japanese single is Vivid, a triple-A-side single released in June, 2008. Compared to be with you, Vivid was quite successful, but related to her previous success, the single was fairly unsuccessful. Ranking fifth on the charts, it sold just under 30,000 copies.


BoA is currently venturing into the Unites States, and has digitally released her first English single, entitled Eat You Up on October 22. The actual single will be released on November 11. The actual English album is scheduled for release in 2009, though no concrete date has been released.


Debut Date:

Korea: August 25, 2000

Japan: May 30, 2001

Current Labels:

Korea: SM Entertainment

Japan: Avex Trax


Discography – Korean


10/22/2003 – DOUBLE

12/03/2003 – Rock with You

12/01/2004 – Merry-Chri

01/18/2006 – Everlasting

08/21/2006 – KEY OF HEART


03/03/2001 – Jumping Into the World

09/24/2002 – Miracle

12/04/2003 – Shine We Are!


08/26/2000 – ID; Peace B

03/13/2002 – No. 1

05/30/2003 – Atlantis Princess

06/15/2004 – My Name

06/23/2005 – Girls On Top


Discography – Japanese


05/30/2001 – ID; Peace B

07/25/2001 – Amazing Kiss

12/05/2001 – Kimochi wa Tsutawaru

01/17/2002 – Listen to My Heart

03/13/2002 – Every Heart ~Minno no Kimochi~

05/29/2002 – Don’t Start Now

08/28/2002 – VALENTI

09/19/2002 – KISEKI / No. 1

12/11/2002 - JEWEL SONG / BESIDE YOU -boku wo yobu koe-

05/14/2003 – Shine We Are! / Earthsong

10/22/2003 – Double / Midnight Parade / Milky Way ~Kimi no Uta~

12/03/2003 – Rock with You!

02/11/2004 – Be the One

09/01/2004 – QUINCY / Kono yo no Shirushi

12/01/2004 – Meri Kuri

03/30/2005 – Do the Motion

08/31/2005 – Make a Secret

11/23/2005 – Dakishimeru

12/07/2005 – Merry Christmas from BoA

01/18/2006 – Everlasting

04/05/2006 – Nanairo no Ashita ~Brand New Beat~ / Your Color

08/09/2006 – Key of Heart / Dotch

11/01/2006 – Winter Love

04/25/2007 – Sweet Impact

09/26/2007 – LOVE LETTER

12/12/2007 – Lose Your Mind

02/20/2008 – be with you.

06/04/2008 – Vivid


03/13/2002 – Listen to My Heart

01/29/2003 – VALENTI

01/15/2004 – Love & Honesty

02/15/2006 – OUTGROW

01/17/2007 – Made in Twenty (20)

02/27/2008 – The Face


Discography – English:


11/11/2008 – Eat You Up


xx/xx/2009 – Look Who’s Talking


Chronological Discography:

1st Korean album: 08/26/2000 – ID; Peace B

1st Korean mini-album: 03/03/2001 – Jumping Into the World

1st Japanese single: 05/30/2001 – ID; Peace B

2nd Japanese single: 07/25/2001 – Amazing Kiss

3rd Japanese single: 12/05/2001 – Kimochi wa Tsutawaru

4th Japanese single: 01/17/2002 – Listen to My Heart

5th Japanese single: 03/13/2002 – Every Heart ~Minna no Kimochi~

2nd Korean album: 03/13/2002 – No. 1

1st Japanese album: 03/13/2002 – Listen to My Heart

6th Japanese single: 05/29/2002 – Don’t Start Now

7th Japanese single: 08/28/2002 – VALENTI

8th Japanese single: 09/19/2002 – KISEKI / No. 1

2nd Korean mini-album: 09/24/2002 – Miracle

9th Japanese single: 12/11/2002 - JEWEL SONG / BESIDE YOU -boku wo yobu koe-

2nd Japanese album: 01/29/2003 – VALENTI

10th Japanese single: 05/14/2003 – Shine We Are! / Earthsong

3rd Korean album: 05/30/2003 – Atlantis Princess

11th Japanese single: 10/22/2003 – Double / Midnight Parade / Milky Way ~Kimi no Uta~

1st Korean single: 10/22/2003 – DOUBLE

12th Japanese single: 12/03/2003 – Rock with You!

2nd Korean single: 12/03/2003 – Rock with You

3rd Korean mini-album: 12/04/2003 – Shine We Are!

3rd Japanese album: 01/15/2004 – Love & Honesty

13th Japanese single: 02/11/2004 – Be the One

4th Korean album: 06/15/2004 – My Name

14th Japanese single: 09/01/2004 – QUINCY / Kono yo no Shirushi

15th Japanese single: 12/01/2004 – Meri Kuri

3rd Korean single: 12/01/2004 – Merry-Chri

16th Japanese single: 03/30/2005 – Do the Motion

5th Korean album: 06/23/2005 – Girls On Top

17th Japanese single: 08/31/2005 – Make a Secret

18th Japanese single: 11/23/2005 – Dakishimeru

19th Japanese single: 12/07/2005 – Merry Christmas from BoA

20th Japanese single: 01/18/2006 – Everlasting

4th Korean single: 01/18/2006 – Everlasting

4th Japanese album: 02/15/2006 – OUTGROW

21st Japanese single: 04/05/2006 – Nanairo no Ashita ~Brand New Beat~ / Your Color

22nd Japanese single: 08/09/2006 – Key of Heart / Dotch

5th Korean single: 08/21/2006 – KEY OF HEART

23rd Japanese single: 11/01/2006 – Winter Love

5th Japanese album: 01/17/2007 – Made in Twenty (20)

24th Japanese single: 04/25/2007 – Sweet Impact

25th Japanese single: 09/26/2007 – LOVE LETTER

26th Japanese single: 12/12/2007 – Lose Your Mind

27th Japanese single: 02/20/2008 – be with you.

6th Japanese album: 02/27/2008 – The Face

28th Japanese single: 06/04/2008 – Vivid

1st English single: 11/11/2008 – Eat You Up


Credits: Wikipedia

I love BoA. That’s almost the end of the story. xD; Her vocals are pretty decent and she can really belt it out. Her older works are kind of, well, old, and definitely not as good as her newest stuff. But I think she’s been declining lately…Her peak was 2005-2007, with Girls on Top, Outgrow, and Made in Twenty. Nevertheless, I rarely don’t enjoy a song from her. =3 I love her enough to have bought seven of her albums, and to plan to buy all of them. xD; Yes. That’s right. I plan to collect her entire Disco! And I will buy her English single just to support her. =D


SARA – from 1st Korean album ID; Peace B

LOOKIT CHIBI BOA! SO ADORABLE OMG. This song has a really long opening but it’s kind of cool. I rather like it. You can definitely hear traces of BoA in this song. You can see how she’s changed so much, in talent and in style. This song is kind of an older style so there isn’t really much to be said of it, really. Can’t say I like it that much, but hey, it’s BoA, so I’m all for it!

Lyrics + Translation | PV | Download


Don’t Start Now (Korean version) – from 1.5th Korean Mini-album Jumping into the World

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of this stage in BoA’s career, but I do quite approve of the really epic music, with violins and orchestras and stuff, plus the reallt contagious beat. xD; This song is quite uptempo and fast with a heavy underlying beat. BoA sings in a pretty deep voice. Not bad, but not one of my favorites.

Lyrics | Translation | PV | Download


Neul (Waiting) – from 2nd Korean album No. 1

I’m surprised, but this is actually a really generic Korean ballad. Nevertheless, it’s freakin’ gorgeous. BoA sings so beautifully and heartfelt, it just kind of melts your heart of way. It’s such a pretty song, even if it really sounds like a gajillion other kpop ballads out there. ♥♥♥

Lyrics | Translation | PV | Download


Kimochi wa Tsutawaru – from 1st Japanese album, Listen to My Heart

This song kind of changes from being sweet and happy to being a little more mysterious. It’s kind of typical of her old songs, but it’s still kind of a cool song, and I kind of like it too. xD; The lyrics are really well suited to the melody, well, not the actual meaning, but the way they place into the melody. It works really well.

Lyrics + Translation | PV | Download


Destiny – from 2.5th Korean album Miracle

Here you go – a lovely little BoA slideshow for your enjoyment. =3 I couldn’t find a PV for this song, so I chose this one. This is my first time hearing this song, and in all honestly I don’t really like it all that much, for a BoA song. It kind of lacks any dynamics and just overall is kind of lame. Lol. Well, the chorus is not so bad, but the verses are really boring.

Lyrics | Translation | Fan-video | Download


Jewel Song – from 2nd Japanese album Valenti

This is a cute little ballad. It’s very sweet and has a little hint of sadness. BoA sings very well and the whole song has a good appeal. It’s not one of my favorites, but I do like it a lot, especially the chorus.

Lyrics + Translation | PV | Download


Milky Way – from 3rd Korean album Atlantis Princess

This song is SOOOOO adorable! OMG. I want to hug BoA~ I love the happy and cheerful melody and its cute lyrics. Agh! The video is so fun and cut etoo, with all the dancing and BoA’s adorableness. 8DDDD ONE MY FAVROITES!

Lyrics | Translation | PV | Download


Shine We Are! – from 3rd Japanese album Love & Honesty

Awww, I just love all of BoA’s dances. They’re all either super cute or just really awesome! The dance in the PV for this song is one of the cute ones. It makes me want to dance too. xD; Aww. The song itself is upbeat and happy, kind of typical of BoA but still awesome nonetheless. I love her so much! This song is one of my favorites too! Ahhh~ 大好きだよ!

Lyrics + Translation | PV | Download


Babogatchayo (Stay in Love) – from 4th Korean album My Name

This song is freakin’ amazing! BoA’s vocals are gorgeous, and the slow, beautiful melody has a feeling of sadness with a hint of hope. It’s just gorgeous. The music video is in fact a collection of pictures of BoA, and it would seem that it’s actually the real PV. It’s a really gorgeous ballad and I highly recommend that everyone listen! *doki doki*

Lyrics | Translation | PV | Download


MOTO – from 5th Korean album Girls on Top

This song is pretty awesome, I’m not gonna lie. It’s really hip-hoppy and upbeat and awesome! Just really cool and SUPER catchy! Girls on Top is by far my absolute favorite album by BoA, at least by the 7 that I have. The genre of “MOTO” is similar to “Girls on Top” and just as peppy and cool, although really I prefer “Girls on Top” because that’s just an awesome song. Don’t bypass this one though! =]

Lyrics | Translation | PV | Download


Do the Motion – from 4th Japanese album Outgrow

This song is really unusual! It has a laid back, chill ballad feel to it. The PV definitely doesn’t give it justice—it’s definitely not what I expected from the song. But listening to the song without the PV is great because it’s so smooth and cool. I love to sing this song because vocally is quite challenging but it’s also a lot of fun. This is also one of my favorite songs from BoA mostly because it’s such a unique and mellow song from her and shows quite exquisite vocals. =3

Lyrics +| Translation | PV | Download


Winter Love – from 5th Japanese album Made in Twenty (20)

This is quite a pretty song. When it first came out, I was quite enamored with it. Now, with it being out for almost two years, I’m not quite as impressed. But this song really does justice for BoA’s vocal capacities. It’s really a very pretty slow-tempo ballad with a pretty explosive chorus. It’s kind of a sad song and very wintery. Lol. The PV is kind of sad too.

Lyrics + Translation | PV | Download


Lose Your Mind feat. Yutaka Furukawa from DOPING PANDA – from 6th Japanese album The Face

Honestly, a lot of people have raved about this song, but I really didn’t see anything in that really grab my attention. For a BoA song, genre-wise it’s not that weak and she’s certainly produced better songs of the same genre. The video is actually somewhat more mature and risqué than her others, I suppose. Risqué is probably not the right word but the whole black outfit and dancing around the chair and stuff is kind of different. Well, the song is catchy, I just don’t think it’s as good as some of her other songs. It’s not very long either, also adding to the limited appeal. She does look like she had fun doing it though, which is good.

Lyrics + Translation | PV | Download


Sparkling – from latest single Vivid

This is a cheerful and upbeat song that starts off slow, giving you the illusion that it’s not. Lol. But it is! Don’t be fooled! It gets really poppy and happy, especially in the chorus. It’s slightly generic but still fun, although it doesn’t really compare to some of her older songs. I don’t like the verses much, but I do like the chorus. I also love the ridiculous outfits of the backup dancers. xD; Best part of the PV. Haha.

Lyrics + Translation | PV | Download


Kissing You – from latest single Vivid

This is a very cute ballad, but I think it’s really generic and is missing the same kind of pep that a lot of her songs have. I would classify it as a happy ballad, and while it is cheerful it’s only kind of mid-tempo, so it kind of lacks something, maybe so more feeling or actually cheer. It’s really not a bad song. It is fun and very sweet, so I definitely recommend you try it out.

Lyrics + Translation | PV | Download


Eat You Up – debut American single

Personally, I’m extremely excited that she’s making her debut in the US but I don’t think this is the song to do it. It’s really generic and not very exciting. The music video they’ve chosen is a selection of clips about how awesome she is in Asia. Lol. At least in the beginning. And then it launches into the actual song. Well, I guess this is the type of music that’s pretty popular in the US, but it’s not really BoA’s style. Either way, I’ll still support her and look forward to her future releases.

Lyrics | PV | Download (Not uploading so you can go support her!)



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7th-Nov-2008 02:46 am (UTC)
Eat you Up is so addicting~!
I even found myself dancing to it.
Happy Birthday BoA! I hope you have a successful career here in America.
1st-Feb-2009 03:31 am (UTC)
Thank you for sharing!!
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